Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mike Brown Deserves Coach of the Year

Mike Brown was named the NBA's Coach of the Year yesterday, and there is no other sideline stomper in the Association that is more deserving of the Award. But don't make the mistake to think that Mike Brown was a great coach this year, and not in his previous three. The commitment to defense, commitment to winning, and commitment to team play that he has brought to, and instilled on this team, so evident in their play this season, started when he got here. He knew what he was doing all along, even if he'd never tell you that.

Like any good young coach, or manager, Mike Brown picked his battles early. He figured, if I can just get these guys to play defense first, believe in defense first, then eventually, with a talent like LeBron James, the offensive end will take care of itself. You could see him working early on. It's not as easy as it sounds, get a bunch of NBA millionaires to D-up? For who, what's your name, Mike what? He knew what he was doing though. Yet along the way, despite the 50 plus win seasons, a trip to the Finals, and all that comes with it, he caught a lot of grief around here from fans, specifically directed towards the Cavaliers offensive execution.

To that point, people would call sports talk radio and rant on about 'why is LeBron just pounding the ball out top?' What? Did you want him to pass to Damon Jones. How about Donyell Marshall? Where you looking to get Drew Gooden more touches? And if you even try to say you wanted LeBron to come off screens or post up to get the basketball, who was gonna pass it to him? Larry Hughes? No. Mike Brown figured - and he'll never admit this - I'll get these stiffs to play defense, I'll let LeBron do whatever he wants with the basketball, and then when I get some decent players to surround James, I'll put in an offense.

So enter 2009: Mo Williams is your point guard, instead of Larry Hughes. Delonte West is your two guard instead of Sasha Pavlovic. And then you still have LBJ rounding out the backcourt. So now, with these ball handlers, who know what pass to make, what shot to take, how to execute in the half court, he opened it up a little bit. And all the sudden Mike Brown is not only a great defensive mind, but an offensive one too. Give me a break.

This guy can flat out coach, he can flat out run a team, and I am glad to have him on the sidelines here in Cleveland. He's been deserving of this award, and he'll win a couple more before its all said and done.

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DejaTrue said...

... and i agree with everything said but would like to add that Mike's biggest victory was not beating the pistons on Saturday like they were his red-headed step child, or making the finals in only his third season as the head cheese, it is however winning both LeBron's respect and "friendship" to gain control of the team. Choosing his battle was important, winning this battle was crucial!! Great post as always JD! Get them hands up High 5s all around GO CAVS!!!!