Sunday, August 17, 2008

Paul Pierce Says LeBron is Toughest Cover in NBA

Since Sports Illustrated published their article a few months ago that said if Kobe Bryant is a Maserati than LeBron James is a Volvo, I have been waiting for someone to publically call shananigans on that bogus comparison. Paul Pierce, of all people, became that somebody on Friday while sitting in for Golic on Mike and Mike in the Morning. Greenie asked him the following: "You have covered Kobe, and you have covered LeBron, who is the toughest player to cover in the NBA?" Pierce didnt hesitate or waver when delivering his response. "I have been asked that question many times," Pierce said. "Kobe is the the most talented player in our league, but night in, night out, I would have to say LeBron is the toughest cover. He's got talent obviously, but the physical pounding he dishes out on a regular basis just wears you down." To me what makes the comment appear even more accrurate is the fact that LBJ and Pierce, publically, do not seem to really like each other all that much. The two got into it in the preseason a year before last, and seem to have been sniping at each other on the court ever since. Dont get me wrong, I know Kobe can play, and I will give him the MVP last year if you want to award him for his body of work over his career. I am even fine with someone saying that they give a slight edge to Kobe...I disagree, I am taking LBJ everytime, but I will give you a slight edge there in the debate I guess. But what I am not fine with are the comments that Kobe is the best player in the NBA and it is not even close as Maseratis are to Volvos - that is ridiculous. It is close, and the edge could even go to James - depending on who you ask. But if you dont believe me, ask Mark Jackson's B.F.F. Paul Pierce, he'll tell give you the 'Truth.'

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