Sunday, August 10, 2008

If Brett Favre Can Play for the JETS than LeBron Could Play For...

ANYONE...and that includes Europe if the price is right - and I really do not think that $50 million AMERICAN dollars is that far away from possible - that is like 189 thousand EUROs at this stage of the exchange rate...but that is another topic for another day. The fact that Brett Favre, who's worship in some parts of Wisconsin has more followers than Scientology in Hollywood, could leave the Packers after 16 years should put the entire professional - and college coaching - fans on notice if they were not already. ANYTHING can happen, and ANYONE will go is unpredictable. I hope for the Cavs sake that Danny Ferry has a plan because banking on the fact that LBJ wont go anywhere because he is from AKRON makes about as much sense as Patrick Ewing playing for the Supersonics. Danny Ferry is waiting until the trade deadline to make his move to sure up the supporting cast for LBJ, and I think that is too late. Look no further than last season to see, a major trading deadline shake-up does not leave your team enough time to truly gel. The move has to be made now for it to be an impact in 2009, and it wont be. We, in Cleveland, better hope that they hit Bad Ground, when excavating for the Brooklyn Nets new arena, and that it pushes completion of that move back 10 years.

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