Saturday, August 30, 2008

ND Skipped Holtz for Charlie...Right Move?

Lou Holtz replied three years ago when asked who he thought should be Notre Dame's next football coach with the the answer, "Skip Holtz." Everyone, including Notre Dame Nation thought he was speaking as a Father, unabashedly lobbying for a job for his kid. Maybe he wasn't. Maybe he was right. What Skip has done at ECU in the same time that Charlie Weiss has been at Notre Dame is impressive. Skip's club is coming off a 8 win 2007, complete with a bowl win over #24 Boise State, and opens this year with a 22-17 win over over #18 Va Tech earlier today. Charlie Weiss opens with San Diego State next Saturday, in an attempt to distance his team from last years 3-9 campaign, and move towards the possibility of winning the first of any bowl game under his command. In the 3 full seasons that Charlie Weiss was at Notre Dame his record is 22-15. Skip Holtz is 20-17 during that same span at ECU. Ever since Lou Holtz left as Notre Dame's coach, the Irish havent been the same. That mystique seemed to leave with Lou, probably because he won the last National Title, or maybe because he had the last Heisman winner, or maybe for some other reason altogether. Whatever reason for the fall, Charlie Weiss was supposed to be the guy to ressurect that glory. They gave him a 10 year deal to do it, and maybe it takes him 10 years. Maybe he doesnt do it at all. Maybe Lou Holtz's kid Skip knows a little bit about what it takes to be Notre Dame's Football Coach. Maybe he would have the Irish a winner by now. He sure has returned the glory to ECU football.

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