Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Shaver Drafts Usain Bolt for Fantasy Team

Last Night at Slim and Chubby's, John Shaver had his Fantasy Football Draft. His pick was coming around and he needed to round out his starters at WR. You start (3) in Shaver's league - Top Men Football - and he felt good about his first (2) picks, he nabbed Roddy White and Anquan Boldin, but still wanted to make a splash with his 3rd WR pick. Shaver's plan going into the evening was to try to nab Travis Wilson for the 3rd spot, but as the Browns were getting their 'Welcome to the Varsity Team' rear ends handed too them in the background by the Super Bowl champs, he thought it best to stay away from Wilson.

Instead John made a splash by drafting Usain Bolt from Jamaica. Now Bolt is definitely fast, no doubt about that. But what makes this pick interesting is that Shaver selected a player to for his Fantasy team that doesn't actually play football, may not want to play football, or may not even likes the sport. But, I don't blame Shaver for making the pick, even with all that said, because What IF...

Bolt is the fastest man on the Planet, moreover, he is the fastest man that EVER LIVED on this Planet. He ran the 100 meter in 9.69 WITHOUT EVEN TRYING this past weekend. He just qualified for the finals in the 200 meter tonight by running first in the semifinals - he is well on his way to becoming the first sprinter to win the 100M and the 200M since Carl Lewis did it. -I hope Bolt is a better singer than Lewis - In the Olympic Final for the 100M Bolt STOPPED RUNNING to celebrate his victory with 20 meters to go, and still won by a LOT. And Usain is not just fast either...HE IS 6'5". So, if he played football, that would make him the TALLEST wide receiver in the NFL AND the FASTEST...now if we can just find out if he can catch...hopefully for Shaver's Fantasy Team he can - and hopefully he signs with an NFL team ASAP...maybe he can step in for Shaver's favorite real life team, the Brownies.

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