Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Celebration Embraced by Cleveland

These guys look like teammates. I watched the US beat Spain this morning on the USA Networks replay and it was great to watch. The Redeem team was great, well coached, well executed, well represented. I was thrilled to see them close it out the way they did. I became even more thrilled watching Mike Redd hug LeBron in celebration. I couldnt help but think, maybe a Wally to Milwaukee for Redd is possible, it seems like it could be. The Cavs have been talking to the Bucks for a while. The two teams pulled off the trade for Mo Williams, and are familiar with each other, and I have to think they talked for a long time before pulling the trigger on that deal. Maybe, the Bucks are waiting until the deadline to ransom Redd off to the highest bidder...and maybe Wally's contract, plus a draft pick, or something else, might be that highest bid. The starting five could be Mo Williams, Mike Redd, LeBron, Z and Wallace. That is good lineup. And if you worry about chemistry, making a deadline trade for Redd shouldnt create too many chemistry issues you wouldn't think. Redd was already on a team where LeBron was the leader, and he played alongside Mo Williams...seems to make sense. I would love to see it - hope these two hug again, except next time they are both wearing wine and gold when they do!

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