Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thursday is Big Night for Brady

Bernie Kosar said on 850 WKNR yesterday that the most forgotten game in the NFL is the last preseason game. Ninety Nine percent of the time I would agree, but I would argue that tomorrow night down at Cleveland Browns Stadium against the Bears is a big one for Brady.

Reasons are two fold:
1. I think he will start at least (4) games this seasons.
I drafted him on my fantasy team with the last pick because I am so confident in it. This is no slight to DA, I hope he does well, but I have this nasty feeling that he is hurt worse than is being let on. Insiders were saying this morning that DA threw outside the Cleveland Browns complex today for the first time since sustaining a concussion. The rumor is, that it hurt his eyes too much to go outside, and made it out today while grimacing.

2. If Quinn has a poor performance Thursday, and then happens to not start a game this year, this is the last performance in front of an audience of league wide possible suitors. It benefits the Browns if Quinn does well. His last showing was suspect, and if he follows that up with a clunker it could raise red flags, thereby diminishing his trade value, if ever so slightly. Maybe the difference of a late first, to early second rounder in '09.

Other Bowns Rumors:
Beyond the DA injury, the other rumor that John Shaver is hearing is that the Browns and (2) other teams offered a contract to Ty Law. One is the Patriots and the other he did not know. It is rumored though, that the Browns offer was the best with respect to dollars. Reportedly, Law is going to make a decision on Friday.

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