Tuesday, August 26, 2008

BetUS.com: Winslow is 6/1 For Arrest in '08

MJD at Shutdown Corner has a blog post up today with a prop bet via BetUS.com that offers you an opportunity to wager on the NFL candidate most likely to be arrested this season. The bookmakers only handicapped (8) NFL'ers - and Cleveland's Kellen Winslow Jr. somehow got his name on the list.

The list of likely NFL Lock-Ups- from most likely to least likely - is as follows:

1. Chris Henry, Bengals: 4/6
2. Pacman Jones, Cowboys: 1/1
3. Tank Johnson, Cowboys: 2/1
4. Ray Lewis, Ravens: 5/1
5. Steve Smith, Panthers: 5/1
6. Kellen Winslow, Browns: 6/1
7. Randy Moss, Patriots: 10/1
8. Ricky Williams, Dolphins: 15/1

Now the majority of this list has all been arrested multiple times, in spectacular fashion, and Winslow has yet to get popped, so why is he on this list? For being a soilder? No way, my money is on the Tank:
I like Big Tank Johnson to roll right over former WVU Classmates Adam and Chris, enroute to securing this honor even if he has to steal it and guard with a basement full of guns...Winslow wont get so much as a parking ticket in 2008.

What were the odds on Leigh Bodden last year?

Other Notables left off the list include: Jared Allen, Bryant McKinnie, Leonard Little, Matt Jones, Cedric Benson, and Travis Henry.

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