Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rizzo's Favorite Beer is Now St. Pauli Girl

...and I can't blame him because so is mine. The St. Pauli Girl - Areana - was in the house today for the Really Big Show, and she sounded as hot as she is - pictured to the right. I am sure the official, unofficial drink of the Really Big Show is now St. Pauli Girl - dont tell Top Men. I also must say that I heard Rizz and Hammer drooling more today than the do for Free Food Fridays. When she said her favorite movie was Prison Break, and said that Jeff Thomas' 'voice sounded really hot' I couldnt help but picure Thomas going home, watching Prison Break over and over again, drinking St. Pauli Girl, and replaying that loop from when she said that on the show - over and over and ...I love you too Areana.

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