Wednesday, August 13, 2008

One Mo Piece For Cleveland

On the podium in Boston after the Cavs lost game 7, LeBron said the Cavs were a player and a half away from being where they needed to be. I will let you do the the math, but adding Mo Williams for Joe Smith and Damon Jones put the Cavs ONE full player away from being a championship team in the opinion of this blogger. Mo Williams can play, he can create a shot for himself, and create a shot for his teammates. In Milwaukee, they called it the Mo Zone when he heats up...and when he heats up, he can shoot the thing. He did drop 37 and 13 on Cleveland this past season. It does not appear to be a fluke either, 17 and 6 dimes last year, and 17 the year before is definetely solid. While the move does not put Cleveland over the top, and is not an end all be all move, you cannot argue that the team is 'not improved' with the addition of Mo Williams - because they are an absolutely better team right now, than they were before the trade. Listening to the Kenny Roda show on KNR tonight after the story broke, it seemed that the consensus of Cleveland Fans agreed. If you were to also look at it from the Pistons standpoint as a barometer of the trade, you will find in chat rooms that Detroit fans are not happy with the Bucks, essentially giving Mo Williams to the Cavs for basically nothing - no offense Joe Smith. I also like this deal from Danny Ferry's perspective, because it shows that he is trying to make the team better right now. With Mo signed for the next five years, his contract may not be one that Cleveland will want when his is 29 and 30 and making 9 or 10 mill, but he is a player that Cleveland should want today, and that is why I am glad Ferry pulled the trigger. I would also guess, that this deal did come as a result of Micheal Redd talks...Ferry probably could have made this deal months ago, and may have been continuing dialogs with the Bucks in hopes of landing Redd...when that possibility looked like it had no chance, he made the next best move for the immediate future, without giving up a key bargaining chip at the deadline like Wally. Hopefully at the deadline, Ferry can make one Mo move, and land that last piece that could put Cleveland over the top.

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