Monday, August 11, 2008

Braylon Edwards (bare) Foot

Sound the alarm! We've got our first injury of training camp '08! But seriously, it's not that big a deal. Don't get me wrong, I am concerned about #17 having to get stitches and missing time from the pre-season (especially b/c he was treated at Staph Central a.k.a. Cleveland Clinic), but if the Browns are going to have any injuries, the one area of the team where they can afford it is offense. Reportedly he will only be out for two preseason games. Which- really means the rest of them, because starters hardly ever play in the 4th Game. Fine, shut him down. Rest his foot. And will someone find this guy a pair of fricking shoes?!

The area of real concern with this Browns team is the depth in the secondary. If it were Brandon McDonald's or Eric Wright's bare foot getting sliced, this team would be in serious trouble. The injury to Devon Holly and the trade of Leigh Bodden have left this unit young, inexperienced, and short handed. Terry Cousin would have been a quality addition if this were 1994. Another old timer's name that is still out there is Ty Law. The Browns have said he is too expensive. We'll see if they change their tune if these kids in the secondary start off the season getting burned by Romo and T.O. and Big Ben and Hines Ward.

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