Sunday, August 17, 2008

Redemcio'n is Spanish for Redemption

I dont know if it was when Tayshaun Prince threw an Alley Oop to LeBron in the first half, or when Carmelo hit his fourth 3 in the second, or when my Dad text messaged me an hour after the game, or when LeBron and Kobe were sitting with their teammates at the Olympic Stadium watching Micheal Phelps and the US Relay team win Gold for Phelps' 8th Gold, that I knew for sure, but it was somewhere in there. I think because I was so disappointed in Athens about the whole thing that I didnt want to let myself get too carried away with the Redeem Teamers until it was blatantly obvious that this is just a different team, a different collection of guys, a different collection of motives, and a different era of superstar, but its blatantly obvious now. I believe the Redeem team will win Gold. In the half court I am convinced, from the perimeter I am convinced, on the defensive end I am convinced, and in the Locker Room I am convinced. Jerry Colangelo's plan was correct. Coach K and his staff's coaching job was masterful. And the players committment to the Olympics themselves are honorable. When LBJ brought the house down with the oop from Tayshaun I knew Spain was about to get routed. When Carmelo hit his fourth three late I knew they were clicking as a unit. When my Dad texted me to say 'I LOVE THEIR ATTITUDES' I knew this was a different group of guys. They werent the same 'OVER PAID PROFESSIONALS' we've watched together before. And when I saw LeBron, Kobe, and company in the stands, supporting Micheal Phelps, Jason Lezak, and the Mens Swimming Team, I knew this was a special group worthy of Redemption. I believe the US will win Gold. But even if they dont, they've earned redemption as far as this American Basketball fan is concerned. This Redeem team has got me Dreaming about Gold, all over again.

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