Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fantasy Is Reality for Browns Fans in '08

Since the Browns came back in 1999, they really did not have one player that you could really call a legitimate playmaker expected to put up big numbers for sure, during the pre-season of any season. Now, thumbing through my Fantasy Football Magazines as I prepare to do my best Phil Savage impression in a couple of weeks, one thing seems to be certain in Browns Country...ITS GOOD TO BE ALIVE...not only do the Browns offer promise as a team this season, coming off a 10 win campaign, they also offer a host of players that are must gets in Fantasy Football this year...for a team that was utterly unwatchable for much of every year before last that is in the least encouraging. Derek Anderson is ranked #8 by ESPN, and projected to throw for 3,873 yds, and 29 tds this season...That is more yards and TDs than Spergeon Wynn and Ty Detmer will have thrown for their PRO CAREERS - COMBINED. Besides that, Brady Quinn is also ranked #35 out of 78 QBS ranked...Jamal Lewis is Ranked 14th, and projected to run for 1,152 yards (BACK TO BACK 1000 yd campaigns would be nice) with 7 TDs on 4.2 yards per carry...Braylon Edwards is the 4th Ranked WR out of 133 ranked by the mag, projecting out to have over 1200 yards, and 12 TDs on over 80 catches...and Kellen Winslow is ranked 3rd out of 79 TEs rankked, projected to have over 1000 yards receiving, and 5 TDs...Jamal Lewis and Braylon Edwards are both projected to be Top 25 Fantasy Picks this year...Season of Dreams part Deux??

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