Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jay Kidd's Right On Spain

While I am not going to even try to figure out why Spain and their Olympic Basketball Team took the photo they took mocking China, seen above, I do agree with what Jason Kidd's take on it was. Jason Kidd said that if the US Men's Basketball Team took that photo, the backlash the American Players would get would be so bad that their would be fines, suspensions, and they might not even be let back into the country. I am not an NBA apologist, and I know they all make millions to play a game - yata yata yata - but he is right on that one. Just imagine what the fall out would be if LBJ was doing that in a picture - and people had a real problem with his Yankees Hat! Just imagine if it was Carmelo, or D-Wade, or Kobe...we would hear more about that then we heard about Brett Favre - TIMES FIVE. And if it was Kobe or LBJ or D- Wade or Melo they would become, in the media, the worst person to ever live for at least a week!

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