Monday, August 11, 2008

Cliff Lee is having an Historic 2008... Is anyone noticing?

Cliff Lee remains the only bright spot on extremely disappointing 2008 campaign for the Tribe. All that Tribe fans have learned so far this year is that Sophomore slumps do exist (see Cabrera, Gutierrez, Garko), Sal Fasano maintains a mean Fu Manchu, and the 18 Win, Cliff Lee of 2005 is back.

Clifton Phifer Lee is quitely having a monster season. He is leading all of baseball with a 2.45 ERA, and is currently tops in the AL with a record of 16-2. His Winning Percentage of .889 is good for the 2nd Highest Winning Percentage ever by a Cleveland Indians Pitcher. The highest belonged to Johnny Allen in 1937 when he went 15-1. Lee's outstanding 2008 also ranks him currently as the 9th highest Winning % in MLB history.

All of a sudden, his contract that looked overpriced a year ago is looking like a bargain. He is making $4 million this year and is scheduled to make $5.75 million in 2009, with a club option for 2010 @ 10 million.

Cleveland's front office and fans have given up on this team a long time ago. Hopefully the Cy Young voters haven't stopped paying attention.

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