Sunday, August 10, 2008

Carsten Charles Is Filthy...Why Now?

Carsten Charles Sabathia is stepping up huge for the Milwaukee Bucks -errr- Brewers for their post season run. He is down right filthy too, 6-0 with a 1.38 ERA and it seems like he is pitching more complete games for the Brew Crew than Satchell Paige did in his entire careeer. This is what I thought C.C. was going to do for the Tribe last season for Cleveland's Post Season Run. I am still bitter, and I know, get over it, we never win in Cleveland, but wow, I am still convinced that the Indians were going to win the World Series last year, and I know they Lost! It was all coming together, I thought. At 3 pm, I get a box seat to game 5, at home, with the INDIANS CY YOUNG WINNER taking the bump. The Rockies or Diamond Backs or Expos, or some horrible recently expanded expansion team was waiting, and it did not matter. Whoever won this one today was going to win it all. CC had been awful during the post season, but today was the day for the Big Fella, the Ace...and then we lost to Boston. CC, in (3) postseason starts last year had an ERA of 8.80. Then we gave up 159 home runs in game 6, and then we lost game 7. Then Paul Pierce and KG ripped our hearts out again. Well, at least Milwaukee is in the race.

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