Monday, December 8, 2008

You Heard it Here First

In Terry Pluto's Talkin Sports Column in the PD this past weekend he wrote te following:

"After a discussion with Plain Dealer hoops writer Brian Windhorst, we both came to the same conclusion: If the Cavs continue to win big and Williams continues to play well, why not give the point guard serious All-Star consideration? He holds the team together when James sits. He has been given freedom to call most of the plays by coach Mike Brown. He loves and appreciates playing on a winner, and that enthusiasm rubs off on his teammates. Yes, the numbers are solid: 15.7 points, 4.4 assists and 44 percent shooting, but his impact is far more than statistics."

A few things here with this. Number one, we predicted Mo Williams would be an All Star in early October. Number two, it is not as complicated as Pluto is making it sound. While all the intangibles he listed are correct, the fact is, if you have a good record, your team gets multiple All Stars. Mo Williams is the second best player on a team that is 17-3. That makes his 16 points, and nearly 5 assists, per game All Star caliber numbers. Furthermore, Mo Williams making the All Star team should not be suprising. He averaged 17 points, and 7 assists for the last two seasons, and will get rewarded for his play this season, playing alongside the King.

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