Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Marion To Cavaliers Rumors are a Reach

Yahoo's Adrian Worjanowski is reporting that the Cavaliers are in discussions with the Heat in regards to a deal that would send Shawn Marion to Cleveland for Wally Sczerbiak and Anderson Varejeo. Now, I know a lot of Cavs fans aren't too fond of Adrian, but he is a good writer. His book, Miracle of St. Anthony, is actually one of my favorite sports book of all time. That said, he is reaching on this story - big time.

I would say there is no way Danny Ferry is even thinking about this deal. No chance.

The title of the article is that Marion can give the Cavs a Defensive Edge, and he goes on to say this:

"Marion could give the Cavs the versatility on defense that he did the Suns. In the same series, Marion could cover Tony Parker and Tim Duncan. Against the Celtics, Marion could spend time on Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett"

This doesn't make any sense to me for a few reasons.

One: the Cavaliers already have a defensive edge.

Two: they already have Mo Williams, Delonte West, and Daniel Gibson who can all cover Rondo.

Three: the Cavs also have Ben Wallace, Anderson Varejeo, Z, Hickson, and Jackson, who could all be rolled out to cover Garnett.

Why do they need Marion to cover both of those guys?

Moreover, if Z is out, like he is now, who starts for you?

Are you starting Mo, LeBron, Marion, Delonte West, and Wallace? Thats a small lineup.

If not West are you starting another big? Who is that then, Jackson or Hickson? Doesn't make sense.

...and I havent even touched on the chemistry that has lead to a 20-4 start.

If the Cavaliers make a move it will include Wally's expiring contract and that's it.

This team is a title contender now whether the national media wants to admit it or not.

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Anonymous said...

Is John Shaver on Christmas vacation? No new article posts since last Wednesday. I follow your blog closely and am anxious to hear your thoughts on yesterday's Browns debacle.
-J. Thomas, Elyria, OH