Monday, March 30, 2009

Remember the Pistons?

Are you old enough to recall when the Pistons mattered? Alright, I know, it wasn't that long ago. But my how the mighty have fallen. Did you realize the Pistons are (24) games back of the Cavaliers? Well, they are. And after tomorrow night, they'll be (25). Shouldn't be a surprise to Detroit either. The Cavaliers have been taking apart sub-.500 teams all season, and at 36-37, that's precisely what Rasheed and the fellas are these days. Additionally, reports are that AI is healthy and will play. Reports about PistonNation letting out a collective groan upon hearing that news are unsubstantiated. What's the problem, don't you want him to play, you traded your best player for him?? Anyways, Rasheed is healthy too, and while I know Hamilton will be wearing a nose brace to protect his healthy nose for the 658th time in a row, I am not sure if he will be starting, or coming off the bench in favor of AI. Irregardless, here's hoping the Cavs make it (25) after tomorrow night.

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