Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Around the Blogosphere: Part III

Nationally, just about every sports blog is talking about the (216) at the moment, and thanks to the Browns it ain't all good...however, thanks to the best basketball - and football - player in Cleveland it ain't all that bad either.

Brian Windhorst set the blogosphere afire with his article about LeBron considering the possibility of signing early with the Cavaliers over the weekend...how do you like them apples Spike? And they are still talking about it.

Tom Ziller at Fanhouse reitereated that LeBron James signing a contract extension is a very real possiblity, Slam Online suggested that this whole time, maybe LeBron was just messing with everyone's head and the Sporting Blog suggests that signing the extension could elevate LeBron to god like status in Cleveland...too late.

Credit Windhorst for asking a simple, seemingly obvious question, that nobody anywhere thougt to ask until he did. Its stories like this, coupled with a 21-4 record, that makes me feel like its Christmas in Cleveland already.

I almost forgot about that team with Orange helmets that plays here.


Anonymous said...

Great short article tieing all the blogs together. Really enjoyed this series.

John Knibes, Brecksville

Shaver Sports said...

John Knibes - I appreciate you saying so, glad you enjoy the series.