Saturday, December 27, 2008

Josh Elliot and Steve Berthiuame Are Hillarious...

psych. Josh Elliot and Steve Berthiuame hosted ESPN's Sportscenter over the holiday and did a pretty poor imitation of their noted heros: Dan Patrick and Keith Olberman. Stevie boy, who reportedly hyperventilated when he first met Olberman, is the little funny man who was filling in for Hannah Storm over the holiday. He used his back-up, fill-in opportunity, to say that LeBron would be playing for the Knicks about a thousand times during the show. That I can take. What bothered me about this though was that I missed the Cavs game, just wanted to catch the highlights, and I had to hear one of those no talent jack asses say 'Knicks Forward LeBron James' before the Cavaliers highlight. Not funny. And memo to the world wide leader...LBJ is under contract for ANOTHER SEASON AFTER THIS ONE. Just roll tape you Scott Van Pelt wannabees, and keep your commentary to yourselves.

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