Tuesday, December 9, 2008

One More Laugher

That makes (9), and that's an NBA Record Cavs fans.

The Cavaliers had to beat the Raptors by (12) or more points to set the NBA record for most dominating wins in a row on Tuesday night, and they did. They won by (20) 114-94.

Get this too...during this current winning streak, the Cavaliers average 'Diff' is (22) points per game.

They just won (9) games, In A ROW, IN THE NBA, by an AVERAGE of (22) points per game. That's nasty.

In (30) minutes, LeBron scored (31), and moved past Mark Price on the career steals list. Big Z moved past Brad Daugherty on the career rebounding list as well.

Delonte West and Mo Williams combined for (17) assists and (1) turnover...look what good guard play does for offensive coaching Mike Brown haters.

The Cavaliers moved to 12-0 at home, and have won (17) of their last (18). The only bad news was that Boobie got dinged up a bit, but hopefully he is okay.

Next up is Philly: Get (10) fellas.

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