Tuesday, December 9, 2008

You Can't Coach College Football Unless...

no, not if your a man and 40. You can't coach unless your from Ohio apparently...

When Bob Stoops' Sooners square off against Urban Meyer's Gators, the prides of Ashtabula, Ohio and Youngstown, Ohio will try to out x and o each other for the BCS title.

It doesn't stop there either. In addition to Meyer and Stoops, Les Miles, Jim Tressel, and Mark Dantonio, to just name a few, all played Pop Warner in Ohio. Additionally, the eight title games prior all featured a coach with major ties to Ohio. The list is as follows:

2000 Stoops (Youngstown) vs Bowden (Dognabit, not from OH)

01 Cooker vs. Solich (Cleveland)

02 Tressel (Mentor) vs Cooker

03 Saban (Dad played for Browns) vs Stoops(Youngstown)

04 Carroll (Coached at OSU) vs Stoops (Youngstown)

05 Brown vs Carroll (Coached at OSU)

06 Meyer (Ashtabula) vs Tressel (Mentor)

07 Miles (Elyria) vs Tressel (Mentor)

08 Meyer (Astabula) vs Stoops (Youngstown)

That's (5) different cities and (5) different counties represented throughout this cradle of coaching. So, while all the talent seems to be coming from the South and the West, at least the standard for coaching continues to be set in oh-io...if only one of these coaches could run a 4.3 and play for the Bucks.

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