Friday, December 5, 2008

Browns: Head Coaches Learn From Experience

PGW posted a list for the Shaver Sports faithful earlier this week pointing out the fact that of the (14) Head Coaches the Browns have hired since 1946 "only one coach (Nick Skorich) had previous NFL head coaching experience... all other coaches received their first NFL head coaching job with the Browns."

This means that 93% of the time, the Cleveland Browns hire a Head Coach who does not have any previous NFL Head Coaching experience. I would call this a trend. The Browns are yet to win a Superbowl by doing this.

In contrast, the Shaver Sports research department found that (8) of the last (10) Superbowls were won by Head Coaches who had previous NFL Head Coaching experience, prior to taking the job as Head Coach of the team they eventually led to the Superbowl. The List is as follows:

2008: Giants - Tom Coughlin (Previoulsy Head Coach of the Jaguars)

2007: Colts - Tony Dungy (Previously Head Coach of the Buccanners)

2006: Steelers - Bill Cowher (Hired by Steelers; was in 10th season)

2005: Patriots - Bill Belichick (Previously Head Coach of the Browns)

2004: Patriots - Bill Belicheck (Previosly Head Coach of the Browns)

2003: Tampa Bay - Jon Gruden (Previously Head Coach of the Raiders)

2002: Patriots - Bill Belichick (Previoulsy Head Coach of the Browns)

2001: Ravens - Brian Billick (Hired by Ravens)

2000: Rams - Dick Vermeil (Previously Head Coach of the Eagles)

1999: Broncos - Mike Shanahan (Previously Head Coach of the Raiders)

So Randy Lerner, if its not Cowher, please hire a Coach with some NFL Head Coaching experience...there is no more time for on the job training. Please.

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