Monday, December 22, 2008

Drama Continues for Poor Man's Cowboys

Jim Rome called the Browns "A Poor Man's Dallas Cowboys" last week, and I agree. He said the Browns "have as much drama as the Dallas Cowboys, just not as much talent, or as many wins."

The Drama Continues:

Tony Rizzo read a letter he received from an "anonymous Browns Player" today on the Really Big Show, 850, WKNR that was sent to him at his Fox 8 studios. The letter said that "Phil Savage is the cancer tearing this locker room apart."
The letter went on to say that Romeo is not to blame for the Browns debacle, and the culture that is created by Phil Savage has lead to players listening to IPods and talking on cellphones during meetings, as well as voicing their complaints about how long meetings are.

Rizz went on to talk to Bernie Kosar on the radio afterwards, who seemed to indicate that he will be taking a front office position next year saying that he did not want to speculate on jobs that people currently have "out of respect for them," but that he felt he "knew football, knew this area, and "was willing to do anything Randy Lerner asked of him."

Also, in the Shaun Smith punching Brady Quinn in the face news, Bernie said that things like that went on while he was on the team but he, "was never stupid enough to fight a defensive lineman." The Plain Dealer's Mary Kay Cabot did confirm an altercation took place later on in the day on WKNR.


Top Man said...

Some people say that Mark "Munch" Bishop is a Poor Man's John Shaver.

Keep up the good work.

Shaver Sports said...

Top Man - We are not big fans of Mark Munch Bishop's work here on this site, but appreciate the compliment...Munch is certainly a poor's something on the radio!