Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cavs Play Big Once Again

So how much better do you think the Cavaliers are than last year?

Brian Windhorst points out in his column today that after beating the 76ers again last night at the Q, "the Cavs (20-3) have now won 19 of 20 games. Last season, after 23 games the Cavs were 10-13 and didn't win their 20th game until Jan. 15."

Danny Ferry should be GM of the year.

He dumped who he needed to dump (Larry Hughes), and made subtle moves that as a fan, you didn't really notice until nights like last night. Trading for the rights to draft Darnell Jackson didn't have people dancing in the streets, but he came last night played 24 solid minutes of defense and grabbed (8) boards with Z sidelined. In addition, Ferry should be credited for his 'sticktuitiveness' (shout out to Clark Kellog on his lead debut today) with regards to Varejeo (17 points). After his hold-out and garbage play last season, there was talk of moving him, but Ferry held serve and it is paying off now.

LeBron (27-7-7) appreciated the effort with the big fella down.

"Any time you have key guys out it takes a while to get adjusted," James said. "But guys stepped up, Andy stepped up and so did Darnell and it was good to see that."

Game Notes: Congratulations to St. Ed's Product Jawad Williams on his first basket as a Cavalier. Nice work.

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DejaBlue said...

first we need to realize this is really early in the year. yes we are playing great but the consistency is what needs to shine through. to be honest shaver, im a little disappointed in you laying claim to ferry being an award winning gm. let this thing play put we are less tan 25 games in thats nothing in the world of championship basketball. We all know LeBron makes the choices who can come here an who cant so im happy Ferry listens to him lets leave it at that