Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Braylon Edwards Starting Trade Rumors

After the Browns embarrassing 30-10 loss last night to the Eagles, where again the Browns O failed to get in the End Zone, Braylon Edwards decided it was time to talk to the media. The NFL Leader in Dropped Passes felt it was time to start his own trade rumors, saying that he was on the trade block. He went on to say that "he has always been unappreciated in Cleveland. Not by the organization, but by the fans and the city." He feels coming out of Michigan he has always had an uphill fight in this city.

Braylon, if I may....We don't care that you played College ball in Michigan. You could put Wolverine stickers on your helmet. We wouldn't care. We just want to see winning football in this town. Your losing attitude and propensity to DROP pass after pass on Sunday is why you have a tough time in this town. Not because of where you went to school.

Keep starting your own trade rumors. Maybe they will come true. We will send Shaver Sports Moving Truck over to help you move. And Braylon, leave the boxes marked "Fragile" for us.....

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T. Pluto said...

I'd love to see the "Shaver Sports" moving truck! Great article guys. It's good to see some quality Cleveland sports writing.