Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Browns HC and the Rooney Rule

As the Browns begin their 4th search for a Head Coach since coming back in '99, they will again interview minority candidates for the position. The "Rooney Rule" (named after Steelers owner Dan Rooney) was designed to increase the number of minority coaches in the NFL. Since its inception in December of '02, it has worked, increasing the percentage of minority Head Coaches from 6% to 22%. Here is a list of potential candidates for the Browns to interview:
1.) Leslie Frazier- current Vikes D Coordinator. Great shot to land one of these head coaching vacancies. For his sake, hope its not Detroit.

2.) Dennis Green- former Vikes and Cards coach and current NFL Radio analyst. "They are who we thought they were!"

3.) Emmitt Thomas- current D Backs coach for Falcons. Name always surfaces when head coaching positions are vacant. May have missed his window. Is older than Crennel.

4.) Mel Tucker- a little shady on the Browns part if they do interview Mel. They, and everyone affiliated with the Browns know he is not ready to be a head coach in this league.

5.) Marvin Lewis- current head coach of Bungles. HOW?! I realize this one is a stretch. But it may take Bungles owner Mike Brown a few weeks to realized they missed the playoffs again and fire Marvin.

If a team does not follow the League's guidelines, they will be fined $200,000, as the Lions were in 2003 when Steve Marrucci was hired. Here's the quandary for the Browns. Some of the "Rooney" candidates are currently on staff and can not interview until their season is over. Also, waiting may hurt the Browns chances of going after big name coaches like newly canned Mike Shanahan. If they can land a coach like Leslie Frazier, the wait may be worth it. If they have to "settle" on a second tier Head Coach, the $200 K fine may be worth not having to search for a 5th HC in a couple years.

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