Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Knicks Preview: Handle Success

Tonight's is an opportunity for the Cavaliers to show that they are a team that can handle success, and continued to stay focused on both ends of the floor when things are going good. Complacency will be their enemy tonight if they want to improve on their 14-3 record despite the fact that Cleveland has every reason to be complacent.

They already beat the Knicks 119-101 at the Garden - and could have won by 46 points if they wanted two. In addition to that, off the court, people are also now telling the Cavs how good they are. ESPN's Power Rankings have the Cavaliers as the 2nd best team in the NBA behind only the Celtics. Another ESPN ranking system that I can't pretend to understand -Hollingers Team Offensive Efficiency Rankings - has Cleveland Number 1. Outside the (216), some people are even saying - ughh admitting - that LBJ's best chance to win a title might just be right here in northeast Ohio. Imagine that.

With all that said, now is the time to rise up - uh sorry - capitalize, play with focus, defend your home, and beat the teams you are supposed. And in case you care, I am totally confident the Cavs will do just that. Look for them to score a lot of points in the process as well. The Cavs come in ranked 4th in the NBA in scoring offense (103.6 ppg) and New York is 24th in scoring defense. They won't be booing the King tonight, chalupas all around.

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Kevin said...

its time to let LBJ sit more and keep him rested for later in the year. I would be very upset to see LBJ tire down the stretch due to the Long Season last year, Olympics, and playing 40+ min against the knicks of the world.