Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Grass Roots Movement

The Cowher09 website currently has 9,420 signatures on a petition to Randy Lerner to hire Bill Cowher. What bothers me about this is that these Cowher lovers will actually believe they made it happen if the Browns do hire Cowher. This group handed out 500 signs in the muni - lot on Sunday - like the one pictured - and the petition they have going reads as follows:

To: The Cleveland Browns Organization / Randy Lerner

We, the undersigned fans, would like to express our passion. We are both passionately proud and passionately angry. We are especially angry with the current state of our team, in particular its coaching. We demand that you seriously consider bringing in retired head coach Bill Cowher to take over the Cleveland Browns starting with the 2009 season. We have followed the Cleveland Browns with undying loyalty through the good and the bad. Some of us are young children and some of us have been season ticket holders for decades. Although most of us are armchair quarterbacks, we are still the ones who fill the seats and foot your bills. Coach Cowher has the resume and passion to lead our team back to prominence. For the sake of Cleveland’s forever-loyal fans, consider this petition.


...where were these guys when the Browns hired Bud Carson over Bill Cowher in the early 90's?


Unknown said...

article left more to be desired until the bud carson name drop!!!!! "that line really tied the article together"

What movie line was that quote inspired by??

PGW said...

The Cleveland Browns were founded in 1946 and have had 14 head coaches:

Paul Brown 1946–1962
Blanton Collier 1963–1970
Nick Skorich 1971–1974
Forrest Gregg 1975–1977
Dick Modzelewski 1977 (Interim)
Sam Rutigliano 1978–1984
Marty Schottenheimer 1984–1988
Bud Carson 1989–1990
Jim Shofner 1990 (Interim)
Bill Belichick 1991–1995
Chris Palmer 1999–2000
Butch Davis 2001–2004
Terry Robiskie 2004 (Interim)
Romeo Crennel 2005–present

Only one coach (Nick Skorich) had previous NFL head coaching experience... all other coaches received their first NFL head coaching job with the Browns.

Is Cower the right person for the job? Not sure, but at least he has past NFL head coaching experience....THAT IS WHAT THIS TEAM NEEDS! A coach who can say "been there, done that"...

Unknown said...

That is an amazing tidbit of information. It is hard to believe that there has only been one coach with previous head NFL action, but only in Cleveland!!

Unfortunately, I do not believe that changing the coach is a quick fix to the cancer that is browns football. I feel that this track is stuck on repeat. New coach (building year) 2nd yr (improving) 3rd year (playoffs) following year (in the gutter) "hang the coach". To really impact the organization we need a trickle down effect and that change must include the GM who is the architect of a football team not the coach.

That being said it’s till time to hang this RAC on the wall!!!!

Shaver Sports said...

PGW - I agree with you on the fact that the Browns do need a coach who can say 'been there done that.' It worked for the Giants, with Coughlin on his second tour of duty, taking them to the Superbowl, as well as Belicheck in his second go round after using Cleveland as his training ground. I am with you, I hope the Browns next coach does have some head coaching experience - whoever it is... Thanks for posting the list, great points.