Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cavaliers - Magic: Series Prediction

Before I give my prediction for the Eastern Conference Finals I want to first send a shout out to Dr. Anklesnap and our good friends over at the Hoop Doctors for the link yesterday - appreciate that fellas.

That said, I really want to agree with his Cavaliers in (5) prediction, but somethings telling me its going to take (6) to dispose of the Magic.

My guarantees for the series are as follows:

The Cavaliers will win Game 1 handily. They will also win Game 6 by at least (15). Other than that, I am not really sure how it will play out, other than the fact that the Cavaliers will lose (2) games somewhere in there; with (1) being at home, and (1) being on the road.

The (2) loses won't be all bad though, as they'll advance to the NBA Finals with a postseason record of 12-2 overall.

So now that that's out of the way, its time for some Le-Bombs...I want you to wake up with sugar all in your hair tomorrow...Go Cavs!

Cavaliers in 6


DejaTrue said...

First of all LeBombs are the greatest and are easily found i heard at an Irish place in downtown Willoughby.

Secondly, this prediction of yours makes me very angry! We will NOT lose at home. Look at the regular season. We lost one home game and it was against a Lakers team in which we played with a hurt Z and without the services of D West.

"CLEVELNAD CALM DOWN!!!" This team is far from other Cleveland teams we have seen break our hearts. 1st they play great on both ends of the floor (Tribe who can hit but not pitch) We are the favorites enjoy it and relish in it (Unlike the cardiac kids or miracle at Richfield, sorry AC) Lastly, we have the BEST player in the universe!! (No Cleveland team ever had that)

My prediction is that we drop one on the road. Ron Jeremy will get his young starlets to catch fire one game that we could not answer. CAVS IN 5!!! (Bring on Kobe and his merry bunch of jokers)

White Lotus said...

Cleveland is overrated. They have fattened up their post season record on poor teams. They really only have one superstar player surrounded by a bunch of role players and they were this close to going down 0-2 against the Magic with the next 2 games in Orlando.

If Jameer Nelson were healthy this wouldn't even be a series. The Magic have a much better roster up and down than Cleveland.