Friday, May 22, 2009

LeBron Calls For Sasha to Step In, and Step Up

Thursday morning we said that you might need to call on Sasha Pavlovic to counterbalance the mismatch issues the Magic exploited on Wednesday night.

[See Takes From Game 1 - As scary as it is to say we might have to trust Sasha with some meaningful minutes in this series.If Z continues to be cold and can't improve on the pick n roll we could go stretches with Andy on Howard and not have a huge drop off and put Sasha on Lewis ]

Friday Morning, LeBron James Agreed.

From LBJ via

"I think Sasha can be huge for us," James said. "Mentally, if Sasha's in tune, he could be really good for us with his 6-7 or 6-8, 240-pound frame, he could really help us on the defensive end, and he's also an offensive threat. You just cannot leave him open on the offensive end because he can make shots. Mentally, if Sasha's in tune, which I think he can be, and if he's called upon, I think he can be really good for us. We need that type of active body on the defensive end who can take a little bit of the load of myself and Delonte. . . . We could use him out there."

But make no mistake. LeBron did not say 'Mentally, if Sasha is in tune' twice, by accident. Its a big if, but looks to be a needed move here.

Go Cavs Tonight. One Goal.

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