Sunday, May 3, 2009

Thanks Indians, Back to Cavs and Browns

With the Cavaliers awaiting their second round opponent, and the Browns draft in the rear view, this past week was the opportunity for the Indians to capture some attention from the Cleveland Sports fan. While the Cavaliers look scheduled to play into June, and the Browns to break camp shortly after that, this was the week for the Indians to create a buzz - if one was to be created this season.

However, they started the week in last place, and they finished the week in last place, as the Cavaliers prepare to tip back off on Tuesday.

I watched the Tribe all week, and wanted to find something to blog about. But I couldn't find anything compelling, so I brought up the one guy involved with Indians who consistently takes advantage of his opportunities when the bright lights are pointing his way...The Fluorescent Hat Guy.

I appreciate the commentary that ensued, thanks to everybody for weighing in...

Special thanks to our friends at Waiting For Next Year for linking it up along with our friends over at No Guts No Glory for doing the same. Also, I wanted to send a shout out over to the quality crew at Cleveland Frowns for stopping by, and to Vince Grezegorek from Scence Magazine for checking in as well.

And before I go back to focus my attention on the Cavaliers - until the Parade is over - I did want to offer the following excerpt, in regards to the Fluorescent Hat Guy, offered to us by Vince, who wrote an article on him in October of '07 for the Uni Watch Blog:

"Tom O’Toole, a 40-year season ticket holder who sits in perfect view of the camera every time there’s a close-up shot of a left-handed batter...O’Toole began his headgear ritual in 1994, when the Indians moved from old Municipal Stadium to the new ballpark...Here’s the sequence: 1st inning hat: dull yellow, 2nd inning hat: hot pink, 3rd inning hat: neon yellow, 4th inning hat: neon green, 5th inning hat: neon orange, 6th inning hat: bright orange-ish red, 7th inning hat: yellow hat, red brim, 8th inning: red, 9th inning hat: blue."

You can read Vince Grezegorek regularly at Cleveland's Scene Magazine, and also at Cleveland Scene's Sports Blog, '64 And Counting.

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