Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Series Prediction: Cavs in Four

I know I should say the Cavaliers will lose one game. Its probably the right thing to do. Don't be too biased...Atlanta will be all jacked up when the Cavs arrive at their place for Game 3...but don't see it. I don't see LeBron James' Cavaliers losing one game anywhere against the Hawks.

Shaver Sports Series Prediction: The Cavaliers Win the Series in Four

Back to Back Sweeps. Plenty of rest for the Eastern Conference Finals.


Steve said...

Hey way to go out on a limb here.
Cavs in 4 what a BOld pick man, keep up the Great blog you have going here.

Anonymous said...

Nice steve...lol...he really went against the grain on his series prediction. Next thing we know he will be telling us CC is on the trade block.

Shaver Sports said...

Steve - Thanks for checking back in. I like the new move too...commenting anonymously on your own comment later in the day. Well played!

Shaver Sports said...

Steve - Admit I was right with my comment from yesterday...you know I was...that's hilarious that you were doing that!

Jose said...

Shaver - you nailed that, I haven't noticed anymore 'anonymous replys' to Stevie Boy's jokes...wow...Steve - get a life dirt bag!