Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A.L. Casoni Presents: Look on the Bright Side-

In order to get everyone's minds off the Cavs and their struggles, I thought it would be a good idea to look at some other struggles Cleveland has endured. Let's see, let's make it a nice round number and look back at the past 25 years. So here it goes, here is my list of the most dissapointing moments in Cleveland sports over the last 25 years, 1984-present. This is completely an opinion, so I am certainly interested in fellow Clevelanders' input as well. Keep in mind this is 1984-present only.

10. Cavs fall short to the Celtics in the 2008 playoffs- after a truly magnificant series, the Cavs are eliminated in Game 7 by the Celtics even with a 45 point effort by LeBron.

9. Jordan hits "The Shot" in the 1989 playoffs- while some Clevelandlers would rank this higher as a dissapointment, I do not. Its dissapointing since everyone has seen it at least 387,463 times, but the truth of the matter is that it was the first round of the playoffs.

8. Tim Couch turns in to one of the biggest busts of all time- Fans excited we got our team back, players excited to take the field, quarterback is a bumb. Couch is part of the reason to blame the Browns are still struggling to this day.

7. Browns lose to the Steelers in the 2002 playoffs - After the Browns finally make it in to the playoffs for the first time since 1994, the Browns give up a late score to the Steelers in the final minute. Despite a 429 yard passing effort by Holcomb, the Browns came up short.

6. Indians lose 101 games in '87 despite S.I. article- Don't believe in the S.I. jinx, huh, tell that to the '87 Tribe. Despite the cover boys Corey Snyder and Joe Carter under the heading "Indian Uprising" predicting the Tribe to make the series, the Indians rip off 101 losses which was good for last place in the A.L. East

5. Cavs swept in the '07 finals against the Spurs- The Cavs finally reach the NBA finals for the first time in franchise history, and are decimated by the San Antonio Spurs.

4. Tribe loses game 7 to the Marlins in the '97 series- Just as we think are woes are over as we head in to the 9th with a 2-1 lead, the Tribe chokes game 7 and the non-championship streak continues.

3. The Fumble (1987)-Byner fumbles at the goal line, need I say more.

2. Browns move to Baltimore in 1996 - Modell, you are just the worst type of person. You took away the team that has the best fans of any team sport in professional sports.

1. The Drive (1986)- While I contemplated putting the Tribe losing to the Marlins in Game 7 in the #1 spot (as that was are closest chance at a championship), my love goes to the Browns. John Elway marched the Broncos 91 yards to send the game to overtime in the final minutes to end a chance at the Super Bowl. 91 yards, seriously Elway?

Well, that's my top 10 list. You know, the best part of being a Cleveland sports fan is that we are the most deserving city in the country for a championship. As much as the Browns, Cavs and Indians dissapoint, we love them and continue to love them. And mark my words, it will be the greatest party in the history of mankind in the streets of Cleveland the day we take home a trophy in any of the 3 major sports. Here are my odds of who will win a championship first.

Cavs- 75%
Indians- 20%
Browns- 5%


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Unknown said...

tribe blowing a 3-1 series lead against boston deserves to be there over quite a few of those.

you win one freaking game out of 3, you get to play a rockies team that they probably would have dismantled.