Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cavs Roll Over Hawks: 99-72

Nine of ESPN's Ten NBA 'Experts' picked the Hawks to win at least (1) game against the Cavaliers this series - with JA Andande and Tim Legler going so far as to say they would win (2) - but after the (27) point, Game (1) drubbing, only Chris Sheridan appears to be worthy of earning that title.

If Atlanta was going to steal one, you could argue that the (9) day lay-off, and MVP hoopla would present an opportunity for them to get the first one. But they didn't, and now the Hawks look poised to get the same treatment the Pistons got from the Cavaliers in round one.

Cleveland has now covered, and won by double digits in (5) straight post season games. I look for that to continue on Thursday. Cavaliers in Four.


steve said...

Cavs in four? Such a bold prediction, nice pick. Are you going to write a piece about some guy you just noticed last week in the left field bleachers who bangs on something that appears to be a drum...hmmm what could that be?

Shaver Sports said...

Steven - what do the Cavs sweeping the Hawks have to do with John Adams? And why would I have just noticed John last week? Please Advise.