Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cleveland Sports Blog League Update

Cleveland Sports Blog League - Fantasy Baseball - 5/17 - Update

It wasn't too long ago that the Shaver Sports' Fantasy Baseball team occupied the last place position in the '09 standings. The reason for the slow start can be attributed to the oversight involved with the activation of Chien Mien Wang during the stretch where he racked up an ERA of over 36. My bad on that. However, after refocusing, removing Wang from the line-up, and more frequently checking out my roster, Shaver Sports has risen to 5th place overall as of today. Currently, while continuing to focus on our yearlong goals, we are looking to take a step forward this week by gaining 1.5 overall points and passing The Cleveland Fan, thereby securing 4th place by week's end.

To do this though, we are going to have to continue to hit, and our pitching must improve.

I'll keep you posted.

To view the latest overall standings, go to Cry Me A Cuyahoga River

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