Friday, May 15, 2009

Gregg Doyel Sounds Like Skip Bayless

I'm sure you've read, or heard, about Gregg Doyel's article on CBS Sportsline earlier this week: "Let's Be Up Front: Cavaliers Can't Win the Title."

Initially, while I disagreed, I respected his points, and respected the piece. I enjoy a well put together thought - whether I agree or not - and his article is certainly that, regardless of where you come out on it.

But now this guy just sounds ridiculous.

On the Steve Czaban Radio Show yesterday, Gregg Doyel offered the following commentary in support of his article:

"The Cavs won't win the NBA Title because their big men suck...Ilgauskas is an insult to big men...Ilgauskas, at 7'3" is so pathetic that I am 5'10" and can win a jump ball against him...At this point, I am completely married to the idea that the Cavaliers can't win, so much so that if the Sacramento Kings got into the NBA Finals they would beat the Cavaliers."

Hilarious joke about winning the jump ball, Doyel. And the Sacramento Kings? Your married to that, huh? Well before you file for your inevitable divorce, give your idol Skip Bayless his material back, clown.


Unknown said...

I love when jacka**es that have no name in sports knock the best because they cant be the best!!

Sorry Doyle that the head cheerleader said "no" to your invitation to prom instead went with the center on the basketball team. GET OVER IT!!! Go Cavs best ever!!

Sports Waste Management said...

just another tool trying to get his name out there. don't worry, after the cavs win the championship, he'll fade away into obscurity and never be heard from again. what a tool.