Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The King Finds Rest While Ruling Court

The Cavaliers have handled their business thus far this post season in the most efficient way possible, advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals in (8) games. And while this Playoff performance has befit the MVP title bestowed on the King, what should not be overlooked in the highlight real factory that he has produced, is the efficiency with which the Cavaliers' Chief Operating Officer has managed through these first two rounds.

Through these (8) games LeBron James averaged a career playoff low in minutes, at (39) per game. How significant is this mark? Consider this, through the first two rounds of these Playoffs LeBron James has played the equivalent of (6.5) full (48) minute NBA games.

In comparison, during the first two rounds of the 2006 Playoffs, LeBron played in (13) games, averaging 46.5 minutes per contest, or the equivalent of (12.6) games - nearly double - and they didn't advance.

In 2007 they did advance, but it took an effort of 44.7 minutes per game from James, through (10) games, or the equivalent of (9.3) full (48) minute games.

Last season, before eventually losing to Boston, LeBron's Cavaliers played in (13) games through (2) rounds, with the Chosen 1 tallying 42.5 minutes per game, or the equivalent of (11.5) full (48) minute games.

Even the King can get tired, and whatever rest he can be afforded will undoubtedly pay huge come June.

Reference: Cavaliers Postseason Statistics

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