Tuesday, May 5, 2009

An MVP For Cleveland

LeBron James will hoist up the NBA's MVP trophy tonight before the Cavaliers tip off their series against the Hawks, with the typical fanfare that is associated with winning the award. David Stern will be there, the crowd will go berserk, and the image of King James raising the trophy above his head will be played over and over again in the years to come, as that moment typically is.

But LeBron James is no typical MVP.

There may be no MVP in the history of professional sports that has meant more to his team, his franchise, his city, or his geographic region than LeBron James does.

The cliches of the MVP debate always ask, well what does this honor reward? Does it go to the player who is the most valuable to his team? Is it the leagues best player? The player with the best statistics? Or does it go as a reward to the best player, on the leagues team with the best record? These questions will invariably be asked again this year by the talking heads, however, there is more than a sound argument to be made that James is all four of these things. However, what shouldn't be lost there is, that he is those things, and much more to the city he plays for.

This franchise was one that won (17) games the year before he got here. Northeast Ohio watched him closely that season, waiting, hoping. Cleveland was a punch line at the time. But since he arrived, nobody seems to be laughing at Cleveland anymore. Its all changed.

A town who once believed it was cursed, who's river caught on fire, who's running back fumbled, and closer blew the save, now seems poised, determined, and firm in its belief that a title is looming. LeBron James did that.

Since his rookie year he has put Cleveland sports fans hopes, and dreams on his back. And when he raises that trophy above his head tonight, he is bringing Cleveland up with him, and letting us all know, that its okay to believe now.


Steve said...

Hey shaver did you know that the Cavs changed their court name to Quicken Loans arena, after they had a new owner take over the team? For short fans call it the "Q" you can also watch the cavs tonight at the "Q" as they take on the Atlanta Hawks.

Shaver Sports said...

Steve -

Thanks for reading my blog every single day. I appreciate that. I also could easily block your commentary, however, I am interested in seeing how many days in a row you are going to chime in with the exact same joke. Keep it coming champ!