Saturday, May 16, 2009

Conference Finals Wednesday...Who's Coming?

I kinda want Boston to beat Orlando on Sunday. Not because I fear a match-up with the Magic, but because I want the Cavaliers to smack the Celtics upside the head just like Rafer did Eddie. With the Master of Panic shivering up and down the Magic sidelines, it's tough to pick D-Howard and company, especially on the road, but if I had to pick a winner tomorrow, it would be Orlando.

As currently constructed, I believe the Magic are a better team right now, and will win Game 7 in Boston tomorrow.

Don't take my word for it though. The following prediction and analysis is offered below from our friends over at Sports of Boston:

[via] The Big Three a Big Joke:

"...But no, this team (Celtics) is not going to defend it’s East crown this season, let alone it’s World Championship. Thursday night, we were witness to one of the worst performances by Celtics superstars you will see. The Celtics will return home for Game 7 on Sunday and have a decent shot of taking care of business, but it will only prolong the inevitable of a Cavaliers slaughter in the Eastern Conference Finals."

Oh how much I want to see that 'inevitable of a Cavaliers slaughter in the Eastern Conference Finals." Here's hoping my prediction is wrong, and Scalabrine goes for 36.


Unknown said...

there are not too many times when i say "JD I really wish you were wrong" but sitting at work on this monday morning still in mourning over what i "Witnessed" this past 2 weeks it only leaves me to imagine what a Boston v Cleveland series would have looked like!!!

Cavs '010?

Unknown said...

If only you were wrong!!!

As i sit at work monday morning still mourning what "I Witnessed" the past 2 weeks I am left to imagine what a Boston Cleveland rematch would have looked like. I know one thing Big Baby would not have caused the damage as superman and the little three dont scare me near as much as Turkey Glue, The french Jordan, and Goetee wearing a**hole.

CAVS '010