Friday, May 1, 2009

The Indians Are Boring

Why is the Fluorescent Hat Guy the most interesting thing to me at Indians games these days? Contrary to some peoples opinion, its not because I just noticed the guy. Its because I can't get the Indians to hold my attention. I keep trying to watch, get bored, and then try to guess what color he is going to wear next inning, game after game.

And I am not the only guy less than enamored with this year's Tribe:

They are Still Sh*tty - Cleveland Frowns

Tribe Re-Cap: Indians BLOW (another late inning lead) - Waiting For Next Year

Pulling My Hair Out - Forest City Fanatics

Every Which Way - DiaTribe

Bring up Matt LaPorta, and bring on the Hawks.


Anonymous said...

he is in the 2003 season recap about the tribe, its a book that was released in or January after the year, it has a whole page on him, he's been there since the 96 season, his name is Jim Whales. Thanks for proving my point though, that you do not even watch/read about the tribe in the past decade, but hey you run a good

Anonymous said...

Hey did you know that the Indians pitching staff have won the last 2 Cy youngs for A.L.
Yes its true first it was CC Sabathia, he was a lefty who had a dominant year. Last year it was Cliff Lee who was also a lefty. he dominated the season for 22 wins, isnt it crazy shaver?