Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ron-Ron, Man-Ram, and Jeff Foster

A lot going on out there today...from our friends around the blog world:

You didn't believe that Ron Artest story about the table-leg did you? Guess what, its true. Check yourself Kobe - Mouthpiece

I am pretty sure Derek Fisher did not want Luis Scola to screen him...he's out game 3 as well by the way...see why - roll tape - No Guts No Glory

A lot of speculation around Man Ram today - understatement - read What we know about Manny Ramirez - The Big Lead

Did the TrueHoop piece on LBJ rub you the wrong way...clarification offered: Henry Abbott and the LeBron James Foul Total Fiasco - Waiting for Next Year

This is Hilarious...Where Amazing Happens NBA Spoofs - featuring Jeff Foster, Zach Randolph and Kwawme Brown...Check it out, you owe it to yourself - Midwest Sports Fan

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