Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cavaliers Win 84-74: Sweep Hawks

While Shaver Sports predicted the Round 2 sweep of the Hawks that came to fruition last night - before the series started - I would be remiss if I did not remind you that (9) of the (10) NBA Experts at ESPN did not. But instead of the Cavaliers being in the (6) game dogfight that Tim Legler and JA Adande prognosticated, the Cavaliers will take another week - plus off, while they await the winner of the Celtics - Magic series, which gives all indications of going the distance.

The Hawks kept it close for a while last night in Game 4, but eventually lost by (10), making it double digit wins for Cleveland for the (8th) straight time this postseason. LeBron James' Cavaliers now join D-Wade's 2005 Heat squad, as the last two teams to sweep the first two rounds of the playoffs. It should be noted, however, that the Heat did not win all (8) games by double figures that postseason. I will be calling to the Elias Sports Bureau later today to see how many teams in NBA History - like the 2009 Cavaliers - did just that in the first two rounds of the NBA Playoffs, because I believe there is a record there somewhere.


Unknown said...

2 things; we in Cleveland need to take a second and thank a couple cities. Those being Seattle and Boston for giving up on our very own D West. If last night doesent teach us how deep we are nothing will. We all know that flight 23 can take off whenever he chooses but forgotten in the shuffle sometimes is the do it all D West. He was throwing the hammer down like a pissed off carpenter last night and single handily turned the tied for us. So thank you Boston and Seattle for giving up on a kid early.

Secondly, wasn't that 05 heat team lead by the Big Daddy and not a young Wade?? That's how I remember it at least.

Good win tribe now let's make it 2 in a row!!! Worst to first!

Shaver Sports said...

Deja - Great Points. Well said in regards to Delonte West. Dick Stockton refered to Delonte West as being, in a lot of ways the heart and soul the Cavaliers, and in a lot of ways he is right. Addtionally, Delonte West was right in what he said in his post game interview saying that with he and Mo Williams being essentially combo guards, the two give teams a lot to deal with, after they are done trying to deal with the King. I liken D-West in a lot of ways to a All Pro left tackle in the NFL, he doesn't always get a lot of accolades, but he is critical to this team's success.

Additionally, you are correct in that Shaq was a part of the 2005 Heat squad reference, along with Damon Jones.

Shaver Sports said...

Editors Note - While I did not get a hold of Elias today, I did see on ESPN's 6pm Sportscenter that indeed no other team in NBA history has ever swept the first two rounds of a playoff series by double figure margins in all (8) games.