Monday, May 4, 2009

Danny Ferry Got Robbed

The Denver Nuggets Mark Warkentien won the NBA's Executive of the Year Award on Sunday, but the Cavaliers Danny Ferry deserved it.

I stated my claim for the Cavaliers General Manger in a post I wrote for the Midwest Sports Fans on Sunday night.

And excerpt of that post is below:

"If Ferry would have traded Damon Jones to Milwaukee for a box of basketballs, that would have been a good move. However, in return for the services of Damon Jones, the Cavaliers got an All Star PG, and the best second option that LeBron has had in his NBA career..."

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Cold as Ice said...

I agree. Damon Jones and Donyell Marshall were two of the worst players on those rosters. Ferry finally started picking up players who can shoot instead of shooters. I think Wally has to go next because he's in the same mold as Jones and Marshall. Gets paid too much to do too little.

Shaver Sports said...

Cold as Ice - Appreciate the comment...that is a good point as well..."Ferry got players who can shoot, instead of just shooters."

Wally is the next to go, I agree. But for whatever it is worth, if I had to have (1) guy - Jones - Marshall - or Wally - I would take Wally.