Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cubes v. K-Mart, Witness Cuttys, and Retirement Homes

Top banter from our friends around the Blogosphere:

Tale of the Tape: Mark Cuban vs. Kenyon Martin - Ball Don't Lie

(29) pounds of marijuana is sending ex-Bearcat, and Cavalier, Corie Blount to bighouse - No Guts No Glory

Did you see that Witness Cutty riding around Cleveland...belongs to Rapper A. Gully. See the pics, read interview - Waiting for Next Year

2006 Orioles Draft Pick Josh Faiola, of the Minor League Baseball team set to play in Avon - the Crushers - is staying at a Retirement Home in Westlake, Ohio during the season - The Big Lead

Pitchers are Sissies Now, by Kid Nichols via the 1948 edition of Baseball Digest - Cleveland Frowns

Indians GM Mark Shapiro Needs to Fire Eric Wedge - Midwest Sports Fans


Unknown said...

Hey JD,

Couple questions. first, who you think will win the celts, magic series? Secondly who do the Cavs match up best against, why? lastly, why dont you have an ask JD section of this website???

Shaver Sports said...

Deja - I think the Celts prevail amidst the chaos that is the Magic Locker Room...the Howard - Van Gundy episode has seal the Magic's fate. In regards to match-ups for the Cavaliers, I pay it no mind at this time. There is not a team I worry enough about to prefer one match-up over the other. I would rather they beat the Celtics too, if I had to pick a team to beat.

Ask JD? I'll run it past the webmaster...