Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Braylon is a Go - Not Stay

Don from North Carolina who works for a relocation company called The Really Big Show today, and told him that Braylon should relocate as well. When posed with that question Stay or Go , Don said 17 is a Go, and we agree.

Rizzo then asked the question to his co-host, "what could we get for him," and seemed to be surprised by Josh Sabo's answer... "A 4th Rounder at best."

Shaver Sports also agrees with Josh. Edwards should go, and I would be happy to get a 4th Rounder for him. And if you want to say he is worth more than a 4th Rounder, then talk to Randy "Straight Cash Homey" Moss.

Moss got dealt for a 4th Round pick before last season, and caught more balls (98) for more yards (1,493) and scored more TDs (23) then Edwards did last year, during Braylon's good year. Last year Edwards caught 80 passes, for for 1289 yards and 16 TDs. This year. Moss has had (54) catches, (740) Yards, and (8) TDs, with (5) games to go in the season, while Edwards, (40) catches, for (661), and (3) TDs.

4th Rounder at best, but the addition by subtraction will be like Larry Hughes going to Chicago.

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