Monday, November 3, 2008

Trent Dilfer Is a Hater

Trent "Scoop" Dilfer was just on Kenny Roda's show talking about breaking the Brady for DA story.

Trent Dilfer called Browns Fans "the most influential fans in the NFL" as well as "delusional" and said they "don't understand that it takes time to build a winner." He said that he understands the impact that the Browns fans have over the organization, and that he himself was "victimized" by the Browns fans during his time here. He went on to call the Brady Quinn move a "knee jerk re-action," and that it was typical behavior for a dysfunctional franchise to make moves like this to quell popular opinion.

My question to you, Mr. Worst QB to ever win a Superbowl, is what is your point?

Its not called influence its called passion.

Its not delusion, its exhaustion - 44 years of exhaustion.

You say you were victimized? I'll just say this, you have to be pretty bad to be in the discussion to be benched for Charlie Frye, let alone to actually be benched for Charlie Frye. And if you were so good, why didn't you ever start again?

Lastly, its not a knee-jerk reaction...that is a ridiculous statement. The guy has one of the lowest passer ratings in the NFL, has all year, he started 0-3, and at the mid-way point they are 3-5. Knee - Jerk? No that's trading your starting QB in week (2) for a 6th rounder.

Its not personal its just business Son--, I mean Trent. Just report the story pal, take your scarred emotions out of it.

Maybe its just as simple as Brady Quinn will do a better job at quarterback. Maybe that's all it is.

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