Monday, November 24, 2008

Glad Bibby Came to Cleveland a Visitor

A lot of the talk over the past few years centered around Mike Bibby being the answer to the Cavaliers Backcourt woes. Count me as a guy happy that trigger never was pulled. I would rather have Mo Williams on my team over Mike Bibby right now - straight up. And, if you want to compare cap dollars, the option to pay Mo and Delonte West what you would have had to pay Bibby is a no-brainer.

During Saturday night's 110-96 win over Atlanta the Cavaliers backcourt of Mo and Delonte scored 42 pts and dished out 9 assists. The Atlanta starting backcourt of Bibby and perennial All Star Joe Johnson combined for 14 and 3. Delonte held JOE JOHNSON to 4 points in 32 minutes Saturday night, something Mike Bibby could never have brought to the table in Cleveland. West also kicked in 19 point 5 assists to go along with Mo Williams' 4 dimes and 23 points. Mike Bibby, on the other hand, scored 10 points, with 1 assist. On the young season, Mo is averaging 17 ppg and Bibby is averaging 14.

Off the court, Bibby is certainly not worth the money he is making this season. His $15.25 million is more than the $12.20 million that Mo Williams and Delonte West are making combined this season (Mo is making $8.35 mil and Delonte $3.85 mil). Credit Danny Ferry for constructing the backcourt they way it is currently comprised, and not succumbing to reaching for a big name guy to satisfy a fanbase...the Cavaliers are better off for it.

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Kevin said...

i was a guy who said we needed Bibby. I was wrong!!! Not only did he break my heart as a golden bear but after seeing the stats laid out to me in a very easy to understand manner by my man John Shaver it is plain to see Ferry was right in holding off.

Another great post John!!!!