Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Fixed Variable Is Edwards

In the Algebraic Equation that is QB + WR = Completion, we often look to change the value of the the Quarterback when our answer does not match that in the back of the book. However, it is more and more obvious every week that Braylon Edwards is the real reason the completions are not adding up in Cleveland. Number 17 appears on a quest to derail the careers of two, once seemingly promising, young QB's.

With the 'Cowher - Cowher' chants raining down in the 4th quarter Sunday, Braylon Edwards dropped one pass after another in embarrassing fashion. Brady Quinn wasn't great, but he might not have been benched if his No. 1 receiver would have ran out his slant pattern earlier in the 3rd quarter, instead of giving up, and getting the ball picked off. But Edwards did quit on the ball, like so many others this year, and with that, Brady was back to the clipboard without even breaking an NFL sweat.

Derek Anderson, came in and looked pretty bad himself. But in his defense, he would have looked a lot better if Braylon didn't drop the TD pass Derek threw him. Moreover, DA may never have been benched in the first place if Edwards didn't start by dropping his 60- yard TD pass in game one vs Dallas, and go on to lead the league in drops from there.

Whoever the QB, Braylon Edwards certainly doesn't look like a receiver that should have been drafted 3rd overall. If you don't believe me, ask the 3rd overall pick from 2004 - Larry Fitzgerald. While Braylon is hopefully on his way out of town, Larry Fitz is on his way to Canton.

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